Live to Rescue Winter Appeal

This year Live to: rescue has expanded its sanctuary resources to provide a safe haven for cows and sheep, saved from slaughter or abandonment. Thanks to the vision and commitment of Kyabje Drukpa Thuksey and the team of dedicated workers in Ladakh the sanctuary at Nang has become a wonderful example of love and kindness in action.

Ladakhi winters are harsh and tough for animals who live on the streets. The roads are dangerous and with a shortage of food and shelter, animals with no-one to care for them don’t survive long. This poor dog, scavenging on thrown away scraps, has a bone stuck in its throat.  Without medical intervention it would surely have died.

This little donkey foal was hit by a vehicle on a busy road. The fractured leg was treated and set in plaster. The foal has now been re-united with its mother and they live at Nang.

Good food is scarce in winter and the Nang Rescue Centre works hard to ensure all the animals are well fed and cared for.

Please help us now to raise funds to buy enough food to get the many dogs, cows, sheep, donkeys and other animals at Nang, through the winter months until next spring.

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